Erich Zimmermann   Each and every piece of jewelry that leaves Erich Zimmermann's atelier in Augsburg has been crafted according to a design idea conceived by this jewelry designer, goldsmith and gemstone expert. The top priorities for him and his team are exceedingly high design standards and an uncompromising quality.  


Gitta Pielcke-Zimmermann   Erich Zimmermann's wife shares the atelier with him. Under the name of Gitta Pielcke she produces her very own jewelry line - without being influenced by her husband's style but with equal success.  





Our team


Melek Tezel   Atelier foreman Melek Tezel is responsible for ensuring the high level of craftsmanship required for implementing Erich Zimmermann's designs. Tezel is not only an excellent goldsmith himself but an equally qualified gemstone setter. Thanks to his dedicated commitment he imparts outstanding skills to Erich Zimmermann's apprentices. Three apprentices in succession finished their training with a grade "A".  



Lisa Kunzelmann   With great success, apprentice Lisa Kunzelmann  learns the goldsmithing trade in Erich Zimmermann's atelier.  



Nadine Pawusch   Nadine Pawusch finished her apprenticeship with a grade "A" in the practical part of the final examinations, thus being the best apprentice tested in 2008 by the Chamber of Handicrafts of the Swabia region  


Kai Budich

Yvonne Pfeffer


They both graduated as a journeyman/journeywoman goldsmith from Erich Zimmermann's atelier - both with grade "A" in the practical examination. By now, these two goldsmiths have successfully obtained their master goldsmith diploma and will soon open their own jewelry atelier in Görlitz.